All for a few extra sunbeds


Deadline for Submission: April 20,2023

Please click here for the application form and here to download the Open Call


"COAST LINE(S) WANING" is a critique/commentary on the dire environmental situation faced along the coastlines of Cyprus. The project highlights the effects of human greed and indifference to the natural environment, particularly when it comes to political and economic interests that lead to the destruction of our coastal ecosystem.

The Tourism Paradox: In recent years, the coastline of Cyprus has undergone “reconstruction”, driven by a desire for a little extra profit and tourism revenue. Sand dunes have been leveled, natural rock formations removed, tall grasses slashed, etc., all leading to the loss of natural habitats and the alteration of the island's natural landscape. Iconic beaches all around the island have been affected by this destructive trend. All for a few extra sunbeds and amenities for tourists, at the expense of our environment.

We aim for a dynamic and thought-provoking campaign designed to raise awareness among both authorities and the indifferent public about these critical environmental issues facing the island’s coastlines. We seek to encourage individuals to take action and make a clear and decisive stance towards protecting and preserving the environment. This campaign should serve as a catalyst for positive change, inspiring a greater sense of appreciation for the natural world and the invaluable resources it provides.

What we provide

- Fee per artist of 3,750 Euro (including stipend, basic production/ materials, and all taxes) to two artists from across the divide
- Separate campaign budget
- Connection with environmental organizations operating in Cyprus and research support

What we are looking for

- Artists committed to a healthy environment for the whole island and a strong interest in environmental activism
- Openness to co-develop the campaign with the Visual Voices team
- Visual artists with multidisciplinary background
- Experience with digital arts/ stencil/ chalk/ installation/ etc. considered as a plus but not required
- Artists interested in a mix of mainstream media (i.e., billboards, etc.) and guerilla style approaches
- Artists committed to reducing the environmental impact of this intervention

Who is eligible

-       Based in Cyprus
-       Visual artist (any visual art discipline)
-       18+ years of age
-       Available to participate in project activities from May - December 2023
-       Good speaking and understanding of English 
-       Willing to enter the UN buffer zone and cross the checkpoints for project activities and events


-       Deadline to apply April 20, 2023
-       Applicants will be notified by May 10, 2023
-       Research and campaign development May- September, 2023
-       Campaign implementation September- December, 2023

Who we are

Visual Voices is a Nicosia-based non-profit organization, working with emerging visual artists interested in developing or continuing with socially engaged artistic practices. Our methodology is built around three key pillars: artist in residence programs, non-commercial platforms of expression, and community partnerships. Together these elements of our work create space for dialogue and new perspectives around pressing social challenges.         

Coast Lines Waning is implemented in cooperation with the Allianz Foundation.


1) How to apply?

-       The application can be filled out through this form:   https://forms.gle/kv1JNcYTcZi3cqXA6
-       Along with the application you will be asked to attach an artist portfolio and CV
-       All applications must be submitted before the stated deadline (April 20, 2023)
2)Selection criteria

Applications will be evaluated on the following areas: eligibility based on stated criteria, artist portfolio, and campaign proposal ideas.

*We do not expect a detailed campaign structure but would like to understand how you would approach this task.

3) How many artists will be selected?

A total of two artists will be selected.

4) When can we expect to hear back?

Selected candidates will be notified by May 10, 2023. All other applicants will be contacted via email by mid-May.

5) What kind of campaigns do you accept?

We accept campaigns that highlight the importance of protecting the sea/coastline and the local ecosystems. This could include artworks that raise awareness about the impact of human activities such as the destruction of natural landscapes, pollution (i.e., plastic waste, microplastics, etc.), and climate change on marine life, or campaigns that promote sustainable practices that help to preserve a healthy ecosystem.

6) Do I need to be Cypriot to apply?

No, however the participating artists must be based in Cyprus.

7) Can I submit my application in a language other than English?

We will only be able to review applications sent in English. If this is difficult for you, please contact us about how we may be able to support.  

8) What is meant by co-development with the Visual Voices team?

This project is seeking to connect socially engaged artistic production with activism and campaigning. Visual Voices will play a large role in developing and coordinating the campaign. Selected artists and VV team will need to work as a team to achieve high quality (both aesthetically + logistically) actions.

9) Who will be selecting the applicants?

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee including Visual Voices staff, civil society (environmental) representatives, etc.

10) What will happen to my artwork after the campaign ends?

Any artworks produced during this residency will be gifted or loaned to spaces, willing to permanently exhibit them.

11) What are the application questions and required documents?

1.     First name

2.     Last name

3.     City of residence

4.     Email

5.     Telephone number

6.     I have read the eligibility requirements and confirm that I am eligible to participate

7.     Briefly present yourself, your artistic practice, and your commitment to a new climate culture (max 2,500 characters)

8.     Briefly describe your proposal for the campaign. Please include a description, the materials and techniques that will be used (max 2,500 characters)

9.     Briefly explain how you can imagine working with the Visual Voices team for the co-creation of the campaign, including your needs and expectations for this project (max 2500 characters)

10. Please attach: artist portfolio, CV, and (if you would like) a document of your choice

For any additional questions, please contact: contact@visual-voices.org

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