Andys Skordis is a Cypriot composer, who has studied composition at Berklee College of Music and at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam, as well as Karnatic music with Dr. Rafael Reina and Balinese Gamelan at ISI Denpasar in Bali. His work list includes operas, orchestral and chamber pieces, Gamelan music, vocal works, and music for dance, theatre and short films. His music has been performed worldwide by many acclaimed musicians and renowned ensembles, in festivals and concerts of contemporary music. In addition, he has created various music theatre performances in unconventional spaces like quarries, temples, abandoned buildings, and so on. His music has received international recognition through various prizes including the BUMA Toonzetters prize, one of the highest composition prizes in The Netherlands, and more. As a composer he finds inspiration in the primordial human nature, which is reflected through a contemporary methodology in his compositions. His recent works find stimulation from ceremonial and mical rituals from around the world. These incentives are expressed as a representation of a contemporary ritual characterised by tension and mysticism in his music. At the moment he lives in Amsterdam where he teaches at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam and composes music.    ︎    ︎     ︎   ︎