The Visual Voices organizational strategy focuses on multiple approaches to creating community dialogue for positive social change. This is centered around the artist focused program but is supported through community projects and platforms for expression. We believe that this is essential to creating long-term, sustainable actions capable of reaching large audiences on a local and international level.



VISUAL VOICES believes in the transformative power of art and seeks to support young visual artists from communities affected by violent conflict. We believe that such artistic expression contributes to a larger peacebuilding dialogue and promotes positive social change.

Supporting a new community of artist-activists, we seek to challenge existing conflict narratives by creating space for the development of peace-supporting narratives. We achieve this through our thematic artist in residence programs and non-commercial exhibitions.

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VISUAL VOICES in collaboration with likeminded organizations and artists from communities affected by violent conflict carry out community projects with the purpose of supporting substantive peace education. These projects demonstrate different approaches, with the central aspiration of linking artists and communities for productive actions in support of positive social change.

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VISUAL VOICES in committed to sharing the work of collaborating socially engaged artists and supporting the change they seek to make through innovative platforms.

This includes traditional exhibitions, digital exhibitions, joint exhibitions, media interviews and an augmented reality application.

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