This project brought together artists from Germany and Cyprus to reflect and create together around the overarching theme of Peaceful Revolution. Division affects both communities and continues on parallel yet offset timelines. This residency offered an opportunity for artists and activists to come together to explore the many ways to embody a peaceful protest culture and acts of resistance.  In collaboration, Visual Voices and Helden wider Willen created a space for greater solidarity between social movements for remembrance, Peaceful Revolution, and the next steps for democracy. The participating artists had an opportunity to research and produce artworks around social, cultural, and political issues and history. The project has been supported by Goethe-Institut Zypern.

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE 2021: Exploration of Arts, Humanity and Dialogue

This residency brings together twelve artists from Cyprus, Lebanon and Jordan to  take part in experimental workshops on intercultural dialogue and exchange ideas based on their respective cultures and backgrounds. The residency is the result of a collaboration between Visual Voices, the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies | المعهد الملكي للدراسات الدينية in Jordan, and the Forum for Development Culture and Dialogue in Lebanon. The program aims to promote greater intercultural dialogue and appreciation; promoting inter-organizational networking and cooperation in the EuroMed region.


Crossing 24/31: I always confuse south to north, north to south.

Looking through media and nationalist narratives. Coming together to speak about it, to present a new outlook through injury, to delve in search of, in the dark, through a photo-flash and a handful of dust thrown on glue or even through two arms unfolding: a new path. Eleven artists from across the island meet here to draw a new trail together, with their hands that have different stories, with their own genesis, with their own family narratives- to a peace -wise and unforgotten.

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ONLINE EXCHANGE: Presence? Conflict? Transformation?

South African, Sri Lankan and Cypriot artists come together for online discussion and exchange. With reflections stemming from their different contexts, the conversations were framed around social activism for conflict resolution and transformation.

This experimental process focuses on plays off the notion of presence (?) as production, and in doing so aims to explore the peripheral potential of online exchange as an opportunity in this time of extreme flux. 


Living Between — Future and Past

There are many ways to reflect on, to express peace. The universality arrives at a better world, where beauty stems from darker moments in time, presenting a vision of how society can proceed. To hold on to the past, remain stuck in the present, or to make the future the desired past, present and future. Inviting you to reflect on and challenge the truths you believe.  

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