In Ex(ile) Lab aims to support artists in exile, who have recently relocated and are looking to build a career in Cyprus, France, Italy and Portugal, by providing opportunities to create a performance, build a professional network, be artistically advised by established artists based in Europe and reach new audiences within the European space. During two years, In Ex(ile) Lab will test tailed transdisciplinary paths in which the artists can grow as individuals and artists, in their host societies and in Europe. By doing so, the project will provide a framework for cultural organisations to rethink their practices and adapt their tools to the needs of artists in exile.

In Ex(ile) Lab is a two-year laboratory co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Institut français, Ville de Paris – Label Europe, Fabrique Chaillot and Porticus Foundation. This project is led by the agency of artists in exile (France) and implemented jointly with Alkantara (Portugal), Visual Voices (Cyprus) and Santarcangelo Festival (Italy).    ︎    ︎     ︎   ︎