Dana Barqawi is a multidisciplinary artist and urban planner, based in Amman, Jordan. She holds a BSc in Architecture and a double MSc in International Cooperation, Urban Development & Emergency Architecture. For Dana, the act of artistic creation is inseparable from notions of the real world. In times where socio-political changes compose an inherent part of our reality, she chooses to reflect the context within her work, consequently creating politically and socially engaged art. Dana’s work challenges colonial narratives, explores indigenous identities, and aspects of womanhood and community. This approach unfolded as a result of her years of work with INGOs and Government bodies, and her International training spanning Europe, Africa & the Middle East focusing on community participation and development. Growing up with women who painted, sewed, designed, and made art, Dana extends herself through artistry and has a long-standing fascination with detail. As a process driven artist, Dana uses raw concepts to define the rules of each project. Working from a small home studio in Amman, her work involves experimenting with material and is constantly evolving.

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