Our mission is to enable conflict affected societies to artistically advocate for peace both within their own communities and internationally.

VIVOs is built on a philosophical foundation that values peace, mutual respect, cooperation and giving voice to communities. These values form an integral aspect of our organization which we believe allow for enhanced community development and pave the way for sustainable peace.

The VIVOs vision is to become a global network of peacebuilding organizations that recognize the value of arts-based interventions in peacebuilding and the power of art in peace advocacy. This global network will include platforms both digital and traditional that showcase the authentic voice of conflict affected communities, through the eyes of youth.

We hope to contribute to a more peaceful and aware international society by giving the means to local youth and artists to share their stories and advocate for peace within the international arts community.

Our approach is committed to a high ethical standard, aimed at minimizing negative social impact. A rigorous monitoring and evaluation methodology is implemented to measure all impacts of VIVOs initiatives.

"The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity. "
Alberto Giacometti